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DJ BRIAN HOWE | DJ, Producer, Remixer | Denver, Co.

Master Your Songs Like The Pros!

Logic Pro Audio Mastering Template Preset - DJ Brian HoweIf you produce your own original music or produce remixes, you know that making the music is not the final step. It's all about the mastering. This is the final touch to making your masterpiece sound as good as it can prior to putting out on the market and into the EARS of those downloading, streaming, etc.

I have developed the best sounding mastering preset chain for both Logic Pro X. These are the same presets I use when finalizing my productions and it's these presets that give me that big fat bass sound while keeping the overall sound sharp and tight!


Everybody knows that when your song sounds good, people are more likely to play it. You may have a masterpiece but if you don't give it the final mastering touch, it may get looked over and never played. My mastering preset template will give you that sound! Deep thick bass. Crisp top end. Full spectrum audio quality and LOUD! Yes, LOUD. You song will hit perfectly at -01db which is right before digital distortion. 


Before & After Logic Mastering Preset

Included In Your Download

  • Instructions on how to install
  • Quick tutorial on how to pre-mix
  • Quick tutorial on how to adjust final mix
  • Link to 3rd party plugin used in preset
  • Quick tutorial on basic mixing tips
  • Demo Beat with mastering preset


  • Vocals (wet)
  • Vocals (standard)
  • Vocals (Background Chorus)
  • Phone Effect (filtered)
  • Optimized Track

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Once Order Is Placed

Once you've placed your order, I will send you an email with link to download the preset as well as links to the video tutorials and instructions on how to install and start using.

Allow up to 24 hours for email delivery, however, in most cases, you should receive your links within the hour of placing your order!