REMIX: Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift


This is NOT a DJ Mix set but instead, a remix of a new track by TAYLOR SWIFT called LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO.  I really like the vibe of the original and felt that I could do a nice enhancement to bridge the dark pop style with a BIG ROOM EDM drop…  And so I did just that!

Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do (DJ Brian Howe Remix)     


Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do (DJ Brian Howe Remix)I remixed from the original version and kept the key elements intact. I enhanced the beat on the verses & chorus with a little more sub bass & a nice crisp beat. I added a dubstep bass stab on the chorus sections.

For the breakdown of the original, I added a nice hip hop / trap beat since there wasn’t any beat in the original track. This helps to keep the track moving when playing in the club and keeps the people dancing. It also offers a nice break from the hyped up section I added to this track.


For my remix, I went right to the bridge & chorus which I felt brought you into this track faster and would go well when mixing out of the previous big EDM sound (when spinning in a club).  It starts off with a heavy build and drops into the bridge filtered, then goes into the original styling of the song and then goes into a monster build and drops into a BIG ROOM EDM sequence.

Overall, I personally feel this bridges to original commercial radio version with something that can rock any major club dance floor and everything between.  I tested on a few floors at a few different venues and it is very well received!

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