Personal Consulting & Coaching

Are you looking to take your music production, video production, business development, marketing, branding, or team building skills to the next level? DJ Brian Howe's personalized consulting and coaching services are designed to help you unlock your full potential and achieve remarkable results. With extensive experience in each field, DJ Brian Howe is here to guide you on your journey to success.

personal coaching consulting and mentoring by Brian Howe

What Do You Get?

You get personal "one on one" time with DJ Brian Howe. Pick his brain, ask questions, seek advice, receive expert instruction, streamline your success, and avoid the failures, and gain decades of valuable knowledge in a fraction of the time. 

Each session is dedicated to your specific needs. This is not a "cookie cutter" program. It's direct & personalized time, focused completely on your goals, what areas you need help, and formulating a plan to get you to your ultimate goal & direction.

All sessions are confidential (Brian will even sign a NDA if needed) so you can feel safe opening up, and sharing your challenges, wishes, dreams, and vision. 

This could be the most powerful consulting & coaching you have ever, or could ever receive, to help catapult you & your goals to the next level.


1️⃣ STEP ONE: Schedule a free consultation to initiate the conversation, and see how Brian can help, and what your needs are.

2️⃣ STEP TWO: Schedule your consulting & coaching session. These are open format sessions, that are geared towards listening to your needs, coming up with a plan / solution for your needs, and using this time to get / gather the tools you need from Brian's experience. You'll be fast tracked towards your goals!!

COST:  $250 for each scheduled 1 hour session.