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DJ BRIAN HOWE | DJ, Producer, Remixer | Denver, Co.


DJ in Northern Colorado & Denver Metro - DJ Mixes by Brian Howe

Here are fun mixes that showcase my style when performing live. You'll find mostly OPEN FORMAT DJ MIXES but also a few theme mixes based on specific events & requests.

MY LIVE DJ STYLE? "High Energy Open Format".

What does "High Energy Open Format" mean? Very easy to explain. I try to keep the dance floor vibe upbeat and positive. I focus on mainstream dance remixes with a hint of attitude and hype. With dance remixes, you can create an energy experience while mixing every type of genre and decade. Pop, disco, funk, rock, alternative, country, club, etc. Everything works! 


I've received tons of positive feedback from venue managers, owners & promoters. There's a reason I return to the same venues month after month. Because the format works! The most common comment - "What great energy!" and "How Fun". It's true! Keeping the music upbeat does make it more fun and energetic for a great dancing experience.


Music needs to breath. Just like a song, a DJ set also needs to breath. There needs to be spots within the set that allow people to leave the dance floor and rest, get a drink, socialize, etc. It's called "Dance Floor Dynamics". Also known (in technical terms) as "Programming the dance floor". As a professional DJ, it's important to spread out the "hot songs" at specific times in the evening that keeps the momentum going in the right direction. Along with the hot songs, mix in those classic hits & "OMG" songs (songs that make people scream "OMG" I haven't this song in forever). It's also super important to mix up the variety to engage everyone at the party and touch (if briefly) all genres and decades in a fun way.